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Why Choose Pyramid Therapeutic Preschool?

We individualize each child’s curriculum to allow for both academic and therapeutic services. We start with a comprehensive evaluation to determine strengths and needs, provide a accurate baseline of developmental skills in all developmental domains (cognitive, speech/language, gross & fine motor, adaptive, social-emotional), and review complete medical history including auditory and vision status.

Specific services will be provided to support each student, based on individual challenges, while utilizing their strengths to foster the foundational skills needed to reach school readiness goals outlined by The State of Illinois. Each student’s progress is charted monthly with periodic parent/team meetings and a six-month re-evaluation.

Pyramid Therapeutic Preschool’s 5 areas of focus


Strengthening core stability and sensory processing capabilities that help children process information around them


Structuring activities to help children learn to self-regulate and move more easily between high-energy and low-energy demands


Decreasing classroom size to lessen distractions and help children acclimate to typical classroom settings


Using extracurricular activities that encourage self-confidence, motivation to learn, and class enjoyment such as art, music, gardening, dance, yoga, etc.


Providing opportunity to integrate gradually with classmates to help children learn to socialize and problem-solve in a positive and playful way

The Pyramid Approach

My Child Needs Therapeutic Intervention: What Are My Next Steps?

My Child Was Diagnosed

Examples are:

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Conduct Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Developmental Coordination Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder

Unspecified Developmental Delay

What Are My Main  Concerns About My Child?

Not using words yet

Doesn’t follow directions

Not walking, stumbles, can’t sit still

Doesn’t play with toys, lines toys up or scatters toys

Easily frustrated, hits, throws things, tantrums

Doesn’t play well with others

Fights naps and bedtime

Is a picky eater

What Are My Options For Intervention?







Counseling/Family Support

How Do I Know Where To Begin?

We will develop a multidisciplinary program best suited for your family based on your child’s diagnosis and your main concerns.

Why Choose Pyramid?

Read about our unique approach to teaching your child in an individualized manner.

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Get To Know Our Staff?

Meet the group of talented individuals who are specialized in any of your child’s potential needs.

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