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Special Groups

Our special groups provide an opportunity for children to participate in a variety of exciting guided activities with their peers. We offer a diverse range of programs, focused on social skills, movement, speech, and more!

Group rates are $30 per class and insurance is accepted.

Groups are held at either our Pyramid Center (highlighted below in red) or our Learning Through Play Center (highlighted below in blue).

Pyramid Center: 3048 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Learning Through Play Center: 633 W. Addison St.

To sign up, please contact Lauren at (312) 458-9865 or via email at

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Group Description Target Age
Animal Talk Come develop speech and language skills through movement! Learn about different animals while developing socialization skills, receptive language and expressive language skills. We will explore activities related to different animals and practice our new language skills with friends! 3-5 years
​Monkey and Me Come clown around with your little one.  Therapists will use various circus themed activities to enhance gross motor skills and increase child’s eye contact and joint attention skills.  Children will have the opportunity to increase their turn taking skills and enhance their social skills with similar aged peers.  Class starts with songs and a circle warm up, followed by activities, obstacle course and free play. For ages 16 months- 3 years. 16 months – 3 years
​Story Explorers Students will develop stories and create their own performance. We will learn about characters, setting, conflict and explore ways to make stories come to life. Each week we will explore a different theme and how they relate to our self and daily interactions. Build social skills, literacy skills, self esteem and tell your story! 3-5 years
Move and Groove Circus Now your kids can run away with the circus without leaving home! Kids will build social skills, self esteem, balance and coordination skills through juggling, wire walking, static trapeze, acrobatics, clowning and more. Come explore the amazing things your kids can achieve with Circus Kids. 3-5 years
Little Yogi’s Run by a trained yoga instructor and pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, this is a program that allows children to have an outlet to decompress from the week’s demands – all while moving and having fun! Focus is on enhancing your child’s flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Yoga has been shown to help children concentrate, relax, and self-regulate. 3-5 years
Circle of Security Attachment and bonding between a parent and child is crucial in the progression of their social and emotional development. This class works with parents on developing and sustaining a positive relationship with their children to foster a secure attachment and create a responsive, respectful, reciprocal relationship with their child. birth-3 years
Social Friends Designed to help school-aged children engage with their peers and follows rules related to games and transitions; activities such as games, ice breakers, music, and movement are utilized to promote problem solving and learn coping mechanisms. 5-7 years
Picky Eaters  Speech Pathologist certified in SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) helps your child develop a positive perception of mealtime in a fun and relaxed group setting while increasing food repertoire and tolerance of different tastes and textures and decreasing tactile and oral aversions. Home-based, individualized feeding therapy in addition to the group available upon request. 2 years and up