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Q-Tip #3

Hello All!

Today’s Tip is from our occupational therapy department. Don’t miss the two resource links at the end that I’m sure will be helpful.

Stay healthy, stay positive!


  • LIMIT screen time
  • Provide tactile sensory opportunities such as sensory bins, messy play, and playdoh daily;
  • Use weighted blankets and lycra sheets for calming affect;
  • Fidgets can help with focus during non-preferred activities;
  • Use and redirect oral motor needs to chewies;

  • Provide heavy work and movement activities at least every 30 minutes; this can include obstacle courses, yoga, music, sports, or anything fun you can think of!
  • Motor planning opportunities like charades, hitting balloons back and forth, and “Simon Says” type games are fun and can be done in the home!
  • Board games with the family are highly recommended at this time! I recommend anything by Peaceable Kingdom.

I really like this resource for sensory and motor development activity ideas for the week:

Here is another good resource for parents:


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